BTHR Solutions
BTHR Solutions is proud to have supported the Employee Benefits and HR community for over 30 years, and we appreciate the relationships we have with the many professionals we have worked with and placed (usually both) over the years.

The BTHR Solutions Candidate Referral Bonus Program demonstrates our appreciation for the role you can play in our efforts by offering a cash bonus when a candidate you refer for an open position is placed in that job. We believe that the program offers a “win-win”  -- you help a friend or colleague find a great job while putting cash directly in your pocket.

Please review the details of the plan outlined below. Then check our current job openings, and start referring your friends and colleagues. It really is that easy!

Who is eligible for the bonus?

Everyone is eligible. You do not have to be a current or former employee of BTHR Solutions. Anyone can take advantage of the bonus program.

How much is the bonus?

Contract Positions

  • $100 for the first candidate referred for and placed in a specific contract assignment

  • $200 for a second referral that results in a contract placement within 12 months of any previously successful referral

  • Bonus paid after successful completion of 3 days of work on contract assignment

Permanent Positions

  • $250 bonus for the first successful referral for a permanent position

  • $500 bonus for the second successful referral for a permanent position within 12 months of a previously successful referral

  • Bonuses are paid after the successful completion of 90 days of work at the permanent position

How do I refer a Candidate?

  • Review the list of positions posted on the BTHR Solutions job board

  • If you know someone who might be interested in a position, click the 'Refer A Friend' button on the individual job to which you want to refer someone

  • Complete the form with the candidate's contact information and your contact information

  • Tell your contact that you referred him/her to us for a position

  • We will contact the candidate and begin the qualification process

That is all it takes! If your referral is hired you will receive your bonus shortly thereafter.

The Fine Print

  • Referrals are invalid in cases where BTHR Solutions previously made the identical submission

  • If an individual is referred for a position by multiple people, the referral with the earliest date/time stamp on the referring email is used to determine who gets credit for the referral

  • Referral bonus applies ONLY to a specific candidate/job combination