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BTHR Communications delivers a comprehensive selection of service offerings to meet all of our clients' employee communications needs. From Annual Enrollment services to consulting to customized employee communications, we can help you connect with your employees.


Nothing cuts through the clutter of information more powerfully than personalized communications, unique messages developed for each of your employees. Communications that include useful information about your employees and their families can meet important business and regulatory objectives.

BTHR Communications can help you formulate, articulate, calculate, and deliver personalized messages in total compensation, retirement planning, annual enrollment or any other area that can be supported through available data sources.

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BTHR Communications can provide a wide range of HR Communications consulting, designed to help you:

    • Evaluate your current communications approach and materials

    • Analyze your employees' needs

    • Develop a communications plan and schedule to meet your needs and budget

    • Select appropriate media to maximize employee understanding


Timely and effective enrollment communications simplify your annual enrollment process, increase efficiency, and reduce challenges for you and your employees.

Getting complete, understandable information to your employees is critical to the success of any annual enrollment. BTHR Communications professionals are experienced at producing employee-friendly communications online and print which clearly and concisely explain benefit choices and then guide employees through the enrollment process. Knowing that this process can often involve last-minute decisions and changes, we have the flexibility to make rapid changes as you meet critical deadlines.

A variety of annual enrollment materials can be produced in brochure, booklet, or online formats. To maximize your enrollment efficiency BTHR Communications creates personalized open enrollment materials, showing current benefit elections, defaults and options for the coming plan year.

We offer complete fulfillment services to package and deliver your communication materials, in print and/or online. Packets may be distributed electronically, mailed directly to your employees' homes, or shipped in bulk to your locations to be distributed on site.

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