BTHR Solutions

BTHR BeneTemps' staffing consultants have personal experience in Employee Benefits and Human Resource design and administration and know a lot about what you do. Our extensive client base offers a wide array of contract opportunities. You can work across a variety of industries for large or small companies. Becoming a BTHR BeneTemps contractor lets you keep a flexible professional schedule, learn new skills and gather experience that will help you wherever your professional journey takes you.


Many of our employees choose long-term contracting because of the flexibility and variety of work experiences it offers.

Over 50% of our current contractors have been with us for more than 18 months and many have more than five years of continuous service with our company.


We've made placements at hundreds of companies and our recruiters have extensive connections in Benefits and HR departments across the country. This network, across a variety of industries, is a unique resume-building opportunity for our contractors.

Also, former BTHR BeneTemps employees who have moved on to permanent positions call us when they are making a hiring decision. These relationships help us find openings for you that no one else can.


Our exclusive focus on Benefits and HR lets us work very closely with clients and candidates. Direct subject-matter expertise helps our recruiters understand your work on a higher level than someone who works with job seekers from many different professions.

This combination of specialization and experience makes working with BTHR BeneTemps the best way for you to find just the right job opportunity.


Working as a contractor can present a number of challenges not experienced in the world of permanent full-time employment. Recognizing this, we've developed a benefit package tailored to address the needs of our work force.

Full-time employees who are paid directly by BTHR BeneTemps are eligible for company-paid life insurance, long-term disability, and a company-matched 401k. Company subsidized health insurance plans are available, as well as competitive options for dental insurance and short-term disability.